Commercial Air Pressure Test - Hotel Building Cumbria

Commercial Air Pressure Testing – New Hotel Building, Cumbria

Nov 11
EPS Group complete a successful commercial air pressure test on a new hotel building in Windemere, Cumbria. The contractor requested a pre-test audit of the building which took place approximately two weeks before the final air pressure test.  Our Technician identified a number of air leakage paths during the visit
Commercial Air Pressure Test & Thermal Image Birmingham

Commercial Air Pressure Testing – Retail Store, Birmingham

Nov 01
EPS Group were recently contacted to undertake a commercial air pressure test and  thermal image diagnostic service on a new retail unit/petrol station in Birmingham. The building was heated internally to provide an adequate temperature differential between the internal and external environments. Our Technician then used a thermal image camera
Air Pressure Testing New Houses Ilkeston Derbyshire

Air Pressure Testing – 41 New Houses, Ilkeston, Derbyshire

Oct 26
EPS Group have undertaken the first round of air pressure testing for 41 new build houses in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. The first property tested did not achieve the required air permeability result, however our Technician was able to advise where the air leakage was occurring and suggest cost effective methods to
Commercial Air Test, Shell & Core Unit, Coventry

Commercial Air Pressure Testing – New Shell & Core Unit, Coventry

Oct 24
EPS Group were instructed to complete a commercial air pressure test on a shell & core unit in Coventry. The building had previously been tested by another company and failed to achieve the desired result. Our Technician completed the initial test on the building and unfortunately the result was not
Commercial Air Pressure Test - Dinnington, Sheffield

Commercial Air Pressure Testing – New Printing Factory, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Sep 27
EPS Group have successfully completed an out of hours Commercial Air Pressure Test for a new printing factory and office in Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. The client requested and evening test due to the building being in operation. EPS Group completed the temporary sealing required for the air test at
Commercial Air Pressure Test with Air Leakage Detection

Commercial Air Pressure Testing & Air Leakage Detection – Industrial Units

Sep 24
EPS Group were instructed to complete several Air Pressure Tests on industrial units in Derbyshire.  After an initial walk around the buildings and following the first Air Test it quickly became apparent that the units were not going to achieve the Design Air Permeability Rate without further remedial works. Rather