Commercial Air Pressure Testing – New Shell & Core Unit, Coventry

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_wp_text]EPS Group were instructed to complete a commercial air pressure test on a shell & core unit in Coventry.

The building had previously been tested by another company and failed to achieve the desired result.

Our Technician completed the initial test on the building and unfortunately the result was not what the client was hoping for.

Our Technicians quickly identified a number of air leakage points in the building fabric using smoke diagnosis and the contractor set about the remedial works.

EPS Group were onsite from early morning until around 6.30pm working alongside the client and completing various re-tests.

Unfortunately we could not achieve the required air pressure test result due to a loss of daylight, however our Technician supplied the client with a further list of remedial works and images to allow them to continue the following day.

EPS Group returned the following week to complete a further air pressure test and successfully achieved the required air permeability result without the need for any further work from the contractor.

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